Lithium Dream is the developer reponsible for the kind-of-a Superfrog fan remake. The project is purely free to download, purely non-commerical, no money will be made from this project, and no donations will be accepted.

This project is purely non-commerical, no money will be made from this project, and no donations will be accepted.

This Superfrog remake does not use any Amiga/DOS datafiles from the original Superfrog; sprite sheets were obtained as static images via amiga fansites, all the levels, gameplay, physics, etc, were coded by me - the only elements used from the original Superfrog is still frame-by-frame animation art.

What is this game?

Superfrog was an game produced by Team17, and was very popular back when the Amiga was around. Superfrog is a 2d jump-and-run platform game, with gameplay similar to the style of Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog.

This game is a kind-of-a Superfrog remake. It's kind-of-a in the sense that it is not a full-remake, there is only the Forest World levels (four levels) included.

Here's an example gameplay video, so you get an idea of what the game is like:


Can I play it now?

Visit the blog for information on what's happening with the project, and for work in progress download links


History of the project

I started this project around September, 2006. The goal was two fold, firstly to create a sold several-month project in C# which I can show to potential employers+friends, and secondly to make a fun game.

I have worked on various 3D projects, and short demos, but unfortunately haven't made any full fledged 3d games - mainly because, to produce anything of properly high quality, takes much much longer for the developer than 2D games.

I'd worked on a platformer in late high-school (many, many years ago now), and did a pretty good job of it, but it was made for DOS, using pure-C, Allegro game library, and the Mappy map editor - from memory, working on this game was heaps of fun, and I've always wanted to make another platformer since, thus I decided to make a high quality 2D platform game from beginning to end.

Since I didn't know any artists who were keen to deal with the large amount of work required to make a game, and since my artistic skills are lacking to the point where it would take me a very long time to create art of a high enough quality, I decided to temporarily use some art from an old school game.

The Amiga games have a special place in my heart ever since my Uncle bought an Amiga 2000 back when I was about 8 years old, I used to be super keen to visit every week, and spend hours playing games such as Speedball, Robocod, Chuck Rock, Superfrog, Hybris, It Came From The Desert, and tons more. I started looking around for some art, and found some high-quality Superfrog sprite sheets on some Amiga forums.

Right now, only the Forest World levels are part of the Superfrog remake - I may or may not add the other levels; this project was originally designed to act as a springboard, using Superfrog art as placement art until I had met artists keen to work on an original game, however, what ended up happening is that the project got to a point where I thought it'd be a waste to abandon the Superfrog theme.